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Healthy Relationships

If learning to have healthy and balanced relationships matters a lot to you, take this vitamin to fill your people jar!


If you wish to learn the skill of good problem-solving, take this vitamin to fill your curiosity jar!

Emotion Management

If learning to manage your emotions is a priority, take this vitamin to fill your change jar!


If you want to be more present in the here and now, and see reality as it trully is, take this vitamin to fill your Mindfulness jar!

Better Sleep

If you like to learn how to take better care of your sleeping patterns, take this vitamin to fill your sleep jar!

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No problem! We’ve created a fun questionnaire just to find that out! Take this test and learn what you need the most!

You’ll Achieve Sustainable Skills

This program is science-based.

We have done extensive research and used the findings of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to design Happiness19.

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