Colorful Courses,
For Sustainable Happiness

Imagine you have a cabinet inside your mind, containing some jars. These jars hold the ingredients necessary to bake happy experiences. Whenever we face difficulties in life, our mind needs some of these ingredients, and bakes good feelings! This is how we end up recovering our happiness.

To fill your jars, You need to:

  • Build tiny habits,
  • Know livable activities, to practice the skills anytime,
  • And have accurate knowledge about each skill.

Fill your jars with our joyful
7-day email courses!

in these courses, you will get:

  • A step-by-step guide to creating a checklist that fits your lifestyle. This is essential and a great help for building a new habit
  • A practical e-workbook.
  • An ejoycational e-handbook (To learn with joy).
  • Colorful and motivational add-ons.

A mentor of joy walks with you
during the course, and you can write
back to them at any time.

Pick an email course, and fill a jar:

Mindfulness Jar

Filling this jar decreases stress, and brings clarity and self-esteem to your life.

Togetherness Jar

Filling this jar helps you build more balanced relationships.

Good Sleep Jar

Filling this jar improves your sleeping pattern for better physical and mental health.


Filling this jar adds more positive emotions to your life, so you relish every experience.

Joy at Work

Filling this jar helps you create a better and healthier experience at your workplace


Filling this jar helps you to be more compassionate towards everyone around you


Filling this jar lets you become better at time management and prioritizing your tasks


Filling this jar helps you to constantly learn new things, and see the world from a more creative perspective!

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