Problem Solving Skills


We sometimes find ourselves stuck in a problem that feels unsolvable. This is a sign for us to learn to step back at times, view the problem from a different angle, and change the way we see it. Many times, when we are able to see and think about the situation differently, the problem is easy to solve! It may not even be as “bad” or as “difficult” as we thought it was. In this vitamin, we review some of the ways through which we can change our thinking when it comes to these sorts of problems!

  • How it works

    Step1- You take a science-based test.
    Step2 – Based on your results, we’ll personalize the content you’re going to learn in the next 7 days.
    Step3 – Your Colorful Coach will email you a bite-sized lesson with complimentary materials every day! You can reply to them at any time during the experience.
    Step4 – At the end, you’ll have a customized checklist of how to fill your Curiosity Jar! Plus, an e-handbook, which neatly holds all the valuable bits- making it easy to go over the experience at any time.

  • What you get

    The result – You will learn how to fill your Curiosity jar by improving your problem-solving skills. That’s how we strengthen our mental immune system in the long term!

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