Imagine you have a cabinet inside your mind, containing some mason jars. These jars hold the ingredients necessary to bake happy experiences. Whenever we face difficulties in life, our mind takes some of these ingredients, and bakes good feelings! This is how we end up recovering our happiness.

To fill your mindfulness jar, You need to:
1- Build tiny mindful habits,
2- Know livable activities to practice mindfulness anytime,
3- Accurate knowledge about mindfulness.
We help you achieve them in this joyful course

A 7-day email course

To fill your mindfulness jar

You will receive:
1- A step-by-step guide to creating a checklist that fits your lifestyle. This is essential to build a new habit.
2- A practical e-workbook.
3- An ejoycational e-handbook (To learn with joy)
4- Colorful and motivational add-ons

A mentor of joy walks with you during the course so you can write back to them anytime.

We recommend it

To people willing to be more mindful in the long-term, who value self-development books and self-help assets.
This program is not a treatment for mental disorders, but a vitamin for sustainable happiness.