Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship Skills


Relationships are a big part of our lives. Whether we are a sociable person or a more private person, having skills for healthy relationships is central to our well-being. Together, we will learn how to be understanding towards others and, at the same time, caring towards ourselves. This experience is designed to help you avoid neglecting your needs and wants, or other people’s, as much as possible! This way, you can reach balance in a relationship, whether it’s friendly, romantic, or professional!

  • How it works

    Step1- You take a science-based test.
    Step2 – Based on your results, we’ll personalize the content you’re going to learn in the next 7 days.
    Step3 – Your Colorful Coach will email you a bite-sized lesson with complimentary materials every day! You can reply to them at any time during the experience.
    Step4 – At the end, you’ll have a customized checklist of how to fill yourPeople Jar! Plus, an e-handbook, which neatly holds all the valuable bits- making it easy to go over the experience at any time.

  • What you get

    The result – You will learn how to fill your People jar by improving your healthy relationship skills. That’s how we strengthen our mental immune system in the long term!

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