Join this positive project!

Is The Ability To
Recover Your Happiness
Whenever Needed!

Imagine you know how to get
back to your well being whenever you are down.

HAPPiNESS-19 Helps You To Learn
And Enhance Self-Happiness

In this activity, you will create your personalized happiness handbook.
We are in contact with you every day
by sending what makes your experience more meaningful


25 days

Daily Activity

10 minutes



Check The Video And More Details !

will achieve

  • A 25-day activity based on behavioral science to make self-happiness a habit
  • Daily human support to make the experience more meaningful
  • A blank handbook (Printable)
  • Complimentary materials
  • A few little surprises
  • A Self-Happiness Guidebook (Printable)
  • And a GOOD FEELING:)

This project lasts 25 days 
and costs 25 lattes 🙂 
3$ x 25 = 75$

Invite yourself for a cup of latte every day!

If a latte costs more than 3$ in your country, let us know:

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