Happiness-19 is a digital vitamin for sustainable happiness!

At the heart of Happiness-19 lies a unique integration between psychoeducation, technology, and human connection. Consider this 5-week experience a creative tool for developing self-happiness skills.

Happiness-19 + 1


Buy happiness19 for yourself and someone whose happiness matters to you! It’s an investment in the happiness and mental health of both of you.

You will receive:
  • Learn 5 self-happiness skills in 5 weeks
  • Daily email from a colorful coach
  • Personalized tools to accomplish skills
  • Motivational and practical materials
  • An E-handbook for each skill
  • Good feelings
  • Emotional maturity

For two users

How does it work?
  • It all starts with you and your loved one! First, each of you takes our fun self-happiness test.
  • Next, come the results- based on them, we’ll suggest 5 experiences personalized for each of you- every one of them taking 7 days. Each experience is for learning a behavioral skill through creative and entertaining tools.
  • At this point, you and your loved one choose the order of your experiences separately. Whatever order each of you prefers!
  • It’s also up to you both whether to:
    1. Do all 5 experiences in a row (taking 5 consecutive weeks)
    2. Or take it slow, and do them during 5 months.
    You can have a completely different set, length, and order of experiences from your friend!
  • Once you start, your Colorful Coach will email you and your loved one each day’s steps with complimentary materials!
  • At the end of each 1-week experience, both of you will receive an e-handbook as well! This handbook has all the valuable bits organized in it, so that you can go over the experience at any time.
  • Happiness-19 is good for whom?

    We could say that it’s good for people who would like to learn how to recover their happiness after mistakes and failures. For the people who would like to learn how NOT to get stuck in negative feelings rather than just avoiding them! Because life is a combination of both positive and negative experiences.

  • What does “Science-baked” mean?

    The content of this program, i.e. the activities, are designed based on scientific knowledge and theories that help us understand human behavior. We have done extensive research and used the findings of how “brain waves” affect our behavior, as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, to design activities that are based on proven facts and theories.

  • Is this an app?

    Not at all! You don’t need to install any new apps or services! We adapt ourselves to your life. A pen pal ( Not a robot; a real person! ) communicates with you via email, and you write back to them whenever you would like during the program!

  • Can I give this experience to someone as a gift?

    Great Idea! Please email us ([email protected]) after ordering your experience. We will ask you the receiver’s contact information, and whether you would like us to add a lovely note for them 🙂

Achieve sustainable skills.

This program is science-based.
We have done extensive research and used the findings of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to design Happiness19.


Feel free to contact us:
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