Good Goal?

The goals we set say a lot about us- after all, we set the goals that we believe will improve our life. But no one else will tell us what goals to set; we should look deep into ourselves and see which ones truly represent us as individuals.

This can be challenging.

That’s the reason why we designed Good Goal: An Interactive Journal for Goal Setting. Through this guide, you’ll practice becoming more aware of setting good goals that work for you.

Along with the interactive guidebook, you also get a Goal Setting Checklist and a Goal Planner, which you can print or copy for as many goals as you want!

Once you commit to this journal, you’ll see your plans more clearly in front of you, and will work better to achieve them!

By getting this experience, you’ll receive a workbook instantly that you can either print or fill in your phone! (It’s a fillable PDF file for cellphones)