Better Sleep

Better Sleep Skills


Consistent, refreshing sleep isn’t just about the nighttime. In fact, we need to do a few activities while we’re awake, which will help us get a healthy amount of sleep each night. Your sleeping habits have direct and indirect effects on your overall well-being, and therefore are an essential part of self-care. With this vitamin, let’s help your mind grow and relax with winding down skills and healthy sleeping habits!

  • How it works

    Step1- You take a science-based test.
    Step2 – Based on your results, we’ll personalize the content you’re going to learn in the next 7 days.
    Step3 – Your Colorful Coach will email you a bite-sized lesson with complimentary materials every day! You can reply to them at any time during the experience.
    Step4 – At the end, you’ll have a customized checklist of how to fill your Sleep Jar! Plus, an e-handbook, which neatly holds all the valuable bits- making it easy to go over the experience at any time.

  • What you get

    The result – You will learn how to fill your Sleep jar by improving your sleep habits. That’s how we strengthen our mental immune system in the long term!

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