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About Joyi


About Joyi

Try Joyi, the best app for mental health eJOYcation
Only 10 days after its soft launch, this DBT-based app has 1,000 users who have experienced over 30,000 pieces of content

Joyi is a practical but fun mental health app with a unique way of addressing well-being education. It was developed by Colorful Zone, with their 10-year experience creating mental health content.
A Colorful and dynamic app, Joyi invites you to join a warm character of the same name, who will be your companion in the journey of building sustainable happiness.

How does it work?
Joyi helps you create a livable route to sustainable happiness by breaking it down into five jars with essential ingredients that you have to keep full to build joyful moments:

1. Meaningfulness
2. Health
3. Curiosity
4. Mindfulness
5. Togetherness

By filling up each jar, the users build joyful habits and learn about their mental health. Over time, the app becomes more personalized as the user completes more and more bite-sized lessons based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills.

Joyi was created in 2022 by Colorful Zone, a mental health education company based in Toronto, Canada.
You can use Joyi anywhere and at any time; the lessons are short but effective. It brings mental health education into all parts of life by being simple and helpful in all situations.

Joyi is a livable app: you can use every downtime in your day toward building your own happiness. It helps build joyful experiences in life, leading to happiness that lasts.

Try Joyi using this link:

Build your own happiness!

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