We’re a team of dedicated multidisciplinary young people with knowledge and ambition to execute and deliver mental health solutions. We believe that context matters, and that a one-size-fits-all solution does not always exist.
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    Every real-world problem has a common sense of sustainable solutions.
    We bring about the best solution for you, with different tools that suits your organization, and adds a mental health value to your business.



We’ll have a chat to understand your vision, your audience, your challenges and your goals, to come up with the most sustainable solution and most practical tool for you.


Working passionately with you, to bring about the best result. From designing to producing and executing, we’ll develop the whole solution into an added value to your business.

Case study 01

Mental Health Promotion
in Subway Stations

This project worked as an excellent way to change the world for the better. There are so many unused and empty advertisement spaces in the subway stations, and many people spend their time waiting for the next subway to arrive every day.
The way this project worked was that we created engaging designs with QR codes on them. Every time people scanned them, they would see unique, creative, and entertaining content that could transform their everyday subway journey, and boost their mental health in the long term. Not only was this content entertaining, but it was also bite-sized and convenient- perfect for short train trips! These qualities made the program ideal for collectively promoting mental health.
This way, we utilized so-called useless spaces to make people smile and feel better, and also raised awareness and started conversations about important topics.

Case study 02

Visibility for Overlooked
People in the City

The voices of homeless people in the city need to be heard, especially because their mental health is often dismissed. For that reason, we created a project for them to become heroes in stories that raised awareness through the medium of comic strips. These comics have homeless people as their heroes. They tell authentic stories about them that raise awareness about the meaning of respectfulness and empathy for humankind.
Through these comics, people supported homeless mental health, so their money went to a great cause. In addition, homeless people sold these comics to have a small revenue from them, while feeling good about being an influential character in them. This way, all the city got to be a part of helping to end homelessness and to prevent severe mental health issues in homeless people.
This issue is of huge importance, especially because ending homelessness is a human right, and everyone should have the opportunity to be happy and housed.

Case study 03

Kindness as a Way of
Prevention of Bullying

It is unfortunate that 42% of students in Ontario experience bullying, and this number is estimated to go as high as 62% in three years. To help solve this problem, we focused on kindness as a way of preventing bullying. We created a platform for educators that provided necessary resources for the experiences and kindness exercises. These resources are supplementary to our newspaper, which teaches more about mental health. This way, students could collectively learn the skill of kindness that can benefit them in the long run.

Case study 04

Mindfulness in
Cosmetic Products

We have designed a learning experience for a cosmetic brand with unique, exciting, and catered digital assets. These assets consist of friendly, informal letters, bite-sized lessons, and many other types of content created by us. This project aimed to promote mental health among the company’s audience, as well as allowing the company to be known as a self-care brand.
The way the project worked was that it invited the brand’s audience to think of beauty as a self-care process. Throughout this 7-day period, the audience also learned to build a self-care routine while participating in a collective project.


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