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The Journey Towards
Emotional Healing

Emotional pain is as real as physical pain!

Loss, death, getting old, and rejection are inevitable!
Also, failure is a part of success! We can’t delete it, even though it’s painful!

So we have three major options:

1- Not accepting reality, and letting our emotional wounds get more painful.
2- You kind of accept it, but try hard to forget in order to move on.

Emotional healing
Emotional healing

3- Seeing reality as it is, accepting it, and experiencing emotional healing.

The third one is the healthy option. But the problem is HOW?

Are Any Of These Questions
In Your Mind Right Now?

  • What if I don’t accept my emotional pain and do nothing for it?

    Do you have a better idea, or you’re just trying not to see the problem?
    Hey! ٍEven if we’re not responsible for the cause of most of the pain in our life, but we’re responsible for how we react to them!

  • Why did this happen to me? What is the meaning of that loss/ failure/ etc.?

    We think there’s no meaning in loss, failure, and rejection; but there is meaning in how we’re going to act now! It’s better to think about the meaning after you accept the pain. It’s not easy!

  • What is the biggest emotional pain in the world?

    Your emotional pain- the one you’re experiencing right now! Don’t compare it to anyone else’s. It’s not even comparable! The fact is that, for you, now, the worst pain is your pain, and you need to take care of yourself.

  • How long does emotional healing take?

    It takes a lot of time. Don’t be in a rush. Take time to heal your emotional wounds, and find your inner peace again! But if you want to make it happen more quickly, try not to ignore reality, and don’t run away from your pain! Stay with it.

  • What are the stages of emotional healing?

    There is not a formula that works for any emotional pain for everyone! But let’s see some of the most known ones:
    Stages for grief
    Stage 1: Denial
    Stage 2: Anger
    Stage 3: Bargaining
    Stage 4: Depression
    Stage 5: Acceptance
    Stage 6: Finding meaning
    (Learn more about these stages)
    However, it doesn’t mean that you have to go through these stages in this order, or that you always go through clear cut stages. You might not even experience some of them!
    Psychological healing based on DBT:
    – Acceptance and understanding
    – Change

Emotional healing

Where To Start?

Let’s divide the process into these three steps:

Emotional healing

First, we may need to reduce the pain instantly for some moments, so that we can move on to deeper stages!

Second, we will find a sustainable treatment for our pain!

Third, we should build our strength, and empower ourselves, so that we can cope better in the face of difficult moments of our life- much like the supplements you take for strengthening your immune system.
Emotional healing

Step One

We have some ideas for you to choose from!
(You can do all of them if you need to.)

30 seconds

Take 30 seconds, and in your mind, count 5 things you can see, 4 sounds you can hear, 3 things you can touch with your body, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

5 minutes

Cardiac Coherence!
The well-known 3-6-5 method consists of performing 6 breathing cycles for 5 minutes, 3 times a day. Each cycle breaks down into 5 seconds of breathing in and 5 seconds of breathing out.

5 hours

The “Feeling to Healing” experience!
We’ve designed Feeling To Healing: A 5-hour Experience to Manage Emotional Pain. This fun, educational experience has 12 steps that help you deal with your emotions in a healthier way for today!

Learn More

Step Two

Let’s find a sustainable treatment
for our pain!

Emotional healing

For a more sustainable way to help ourselves heal, we need to escape the pattern of self-blaming, judging, censoring, and generally not accepting our emotions. If not, we will continue falling deeper and deeper into the same pattern of emotional pain.

Different therapeutic interventions help you create this space and understand your inner world using various approaches.

There are some tools that can also help you start; these will not replace therapy for you, but they can provide a good starting point if you’re not sure how to begin your healing journey.

Emotional healing
Emotional healing
Emotional healing
Emotional healing

These will all help you center, and as a result, be more mindful of what is going on inside your mind instead of trying to escape from it.

Emotional healing
Emotional healing

Step Three

Let’s build our strength, and empower ourselves, so that we can
cope better in the face of difficult moments.

Learn self-happiness skills
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Emotional healing

Let’s Add Some Colors
To Your Healing Experience

Emotional healing
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Emotional healing
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