Little Joyful Moments to Build Sustainable Happiness

Backed by behavioral science, Joyi helps you obtain a growth mindset
by investing in your mental health.

Say hello to Joyi!

The idea behind Joyi comes from EEG brain waves. The state of the brain is mapped to five main jars: Mindfulness, togetherness, meaningfulness, curiosity, and health!

Keeping these jars full helps our mind build sustainable happiness. Which means obtaining a growth mindset, learning resilience skills, balancing positive and negative emotions, and becoming antifragile.

Make it personalized!

We all need our own unique skills to achieve joy and develop resilience. In other words, we all have our own unique jar ingredients!

As we play with Joyi, it uses different algorithms to personalize our jars and offer lessons that are suited to us. The more you play, the more accurate it becomes.

Can we skip to the fun part?

Learn thousands of bite-sized lessons, tips and skills
to fill you jars, and create joyful moments!

Meet Joyi and your jars today!

Start filling your jars, and improve your mental health.

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