We all have a voice in our head that tells us to just stop trying because we won’t be able to make it! Sometimes, we feel that this voice is too strong and perhaps right, so we just give in. That voice always ignores our good qualities and focuses on the not-so-great ones, or simply makes problems up.

The truth is:

The voice never really leaves, either. It’s an anti-self voice, a negative part of ourselves which Dr. Lisa Firestone calls our “critical inner voice” in this article.

The purpose of the article is to help us deal with this dishonest inner critic of ours, while learning to love ourselves for who we are!

It comes from the bad attitudes we’ve received from those around us early in life.

Little by little, we adopt those bad attitudes.

We direct these negative thoughts towards ourselves, and they end up affecting our lives and relationships.

First things first, separate this negative voice from your real one. Remember, the critical inner voice is only based on bad experiences and not reality.

To notice this, write down all these negative thoughts using you. “You are ugly.” Or “You are stupid.” Doing this helps you see how untrue these thoughts are.

Challenge your inner critic by writing down kinder thoughts towards yourself using I. “I’m not perfect, but I’m competent and smart.”

Don’t listen to your inner critic and don’t do what it says- do what you think is right, and separate your point of view from it until it gets weaker and weaker.

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