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I am a baker. I bake sustainable happiness.
These are the ingredients I use:

I have made a mobile app to help me fill my jars more
easily. It actually works well for me!

I know you need to fill your jars as well,
so let’s do it together!

Also, I am a big fan of letters.
Do you want me to write you an email every week?
Mondays are my writing days!

I write notes on my JOYnal too.
It’s about my experiences to build good moments!
You probably enjoy them as well!

I have more things!
Would you like to take a look at my toolkit?

I am happy you are here!
Welcome to Colorful Zone, my imaginary happiness factory!

With love,


Cultivate your self-awareness with journaling!

This is a collection of six digital/printable journals. All are ready to use, fun and entertaining, and based on psychological studies.
It includes:

1. A Thought-Record Journal
2. A Worry Log Journal
3. A Motivation Ruler Journal
4. A Values Clarification Journal
5. A Strengths Journal
6. A Self-esteem Journal

$19.99 $9.97

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Calming Anxiety

Colojournal (Coloring + Journaling) is a workbook with exercises carefully designed to help you face overwhelm, anxiety, and racing thoughts.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about mindfulness meditation and how it can help with that; but what if you don’t like meditation? what if you just don’t want to sit down and focus on your breath?

We did some research and looked for the two best fun things that can replace it: Coloring and Journaling!!
Both of these activities put us in the same state we’re able to reach with mindfulness meditation.

$19.99 $9.97

Discover the tool

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